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Transform your concepts into top-notch software development solutions through our professional development services.

A freelance software developer is essential for businesses to create, develop, and maintain various programs. Hiring freelancers allows companies to have the opportunity to utilize the expertise. Knowledge of experts from around the world while also controlling the amount of work and costs associated with their services.

But before you start searching for a freelance software developer, it’s first essential that you understand the benefits and implications of choosing freelancers as opposed to traditional hiring. 

We at cubes infotech understand the importance and benefits of outsourcing software developers to aid in project development. Our team works personally with each client and ensures that they are matched with the best software developers from our curated list of partners. As part of our experience, we’ve worked with freelances to enhance our client satisfaction towards providing the most skilled solutions to their needs.

Custom Software Development Services

Hire software developers in india. The custom software development team at Cubes Infotech demonstrates exceptional proficiency in comprehending your distinct business requirements and transforming them into freelancing personalised software solutions. Through a comprehensive methodology that includes analysis, design, coding, and testing, they guarantee seamless alignment between the software and your organisation’s individual needs. This ultimately leads to enhanced efficiency, productivity, and a competitive edge.

Our custom software development services include:

  • Requirements gathering and analysis: In-depth analysis to understand your business needs and gather detailed software requirements, ensuring a tailored solution that meets your specific needs
  • Software application design: Creating a comprehensive software design and architecture that defines the application’s structure, components, and relationships, including user interfaces and data models
  • Application development: Developing the software application using industry-leading tools and technologies, writing efficient code to implement desired features and functionalities based on defined requirements
  • Application integration: Seamless integration of your software application with existing systems or third-party applications, enhancing data flow, interoperability, and system functionality
  • Application migration: Expert assistance in migrating your application to new platforms or technologies, minimising disruptions, and maintaining data integrity

API Development and Software Integration

Cubes infotech offers software integration and API development services that aim to facilitate the seamless exchange of data. Interoperability among various software applications. Our team of experienced professionals specialises in creating reliable APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that enable efficient communication between different software components, systems, databases, and third-party APIs.

Turing’s specialists collaborate closely with clients to assess their integration needs and develop tailored API solutions, drawing on their profound comprehension of the significance of integration in the modern interconnected business landscape. They adhere to industry standards and utilise established protocols like RESTful APIs or SOAP to guarantee secure and dependable communication.

Our team has a wealth of experience in integrating software applications with well-known third-party APIs, including payment gateways, social media platforms, CRM systems. They excel at seamlessly connecting applications with external services, enabling the utilisation of additional functionalities. Enhancing the capabilities of software solutions.

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Software Maintenance and Support

The development team at Cubes Infotech guarantees the seamless functioning and durability of your software systems. We deliver timely updates, address any bugs, enhance performance, and provide technical support to ensure your software operates at its best. Through our proactive monitoring and problem-solving approach, we minimise any disruptions, improve system dependability, and safeguard against potential security risks. This allows you to concentrate on your primary business operations. Buy Ready Made Android & IOS Application In India

Our software maintenance and support offerings include:

  • Bug fixes and issue resolution: Identifying and resolving software bugs and errors for smooth operation.
  • Software updates and enhancements: Regularly updating the software with new features and security patches.
  • Performance optimization: Improving software performance for speed, efficiency, and scalability.
  • Security audits and fixes: Conducting security audits and implementing measures to protect against vulnerabilities.
  • Technical support: Providing prompt assistance and guidance for software-related queries and issues.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Our team of QA professionals is committed to providing top-notch software products. We utilise thorough testing methods such as functional testing, performance testing, security testing, user acceptance testing to detect & address any software flaws. By guaranteeing that the end product meets the required quality benchmarks, we offer dependable, secure, and error-free software solutions that deliver a smooth user experience.

The services we offer under quality assurance and testing are

  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Security testing
  • Usability testing
  • Regression testing

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