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Hotel booking application development can be a complex procedure that requires the expertise of dedicated professionals. Cubes Infotech provides high-quality travel application development services for businesses. Our team will design software that allows you to centralise all hotel information and easily manage them based on various factors such as availability, pricing, and comfort level. Contact us now to access top-notch hotel booking application development services.

Comprehensive Guide to Developing a Hotel Booking App.

The e-Travel industry has experienced remarkable growth, thanks to the success stories of giants like Airbnb and As a result, not only professionals in the hospitality sector, but also numerous startups and entrepreneurs from various industries, are now seeking to develop their own hotel booking apps. In this blog post, we will provide comprehensive information on hotel booking mobile company in surat, including the different types of hotel apps, essential features, and monetisation models.

An Overview Of The Online Travel Industry

In spite of the global COVID-19 crisis, the travel and tourism industry has experienced substantial growth. It is projected to reach $833.5 billion by the conclusion of 2025. Additionally, the online travel sector is also rapidly expanding. Below are some key statistics:

  • The number of users in the online travel booking market will reach $823.6 million by the end of 2023. Therefore, 72% of the worldwide sales in tourism and travel will be done online.
  •  70% of the users check where to travel on their smartphones.
  •  The conversion rates on mobile apps are 5X higher than those on mobile websites.

Factors To Take Into Account Prior To Reserving A Hotel Booking Application

Choose A Booking App Type Correctly

Android app development company in surat online travel agencies primarily prioritise providing multiple booking options such as hotels, car rentals, and flight tickets. On the other hand, hotel aggregators concentrate on aggregating hotel data and presenting it to users through their apps. Hotel chain apps, on the other hand, are designed specifically for a particular hotel or a chain of hotels, enabling users to exclusively book rooms within that specific chain. As a hotelier, it is crucial to carefully consider the type of hotel booking app development services you should opt for.

Choose a Distribution Area

It is crucial to finalise this important aspect before proceeding with the development of the hotel booking app. While you have the option to launch the app globally instead of targeting a specific local market, expanding to a worldwide audience requires significant time and financial resources. Beginning with a local market can be a cost-effective and time-saving strategy. Moreover, this approach allows you to test the product and evaluate its performance. 

Unique Value Proposition for the Users

If you want to conquer the users, you must choose the right value proposition and the right positioning. Therefore, if you are wondering how to create a booking app and succeed in a specific niche, you must determine the UVP.

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Below Are A Few Of The Models Employed In This Particular Field:

Presenting exclusive last-minute booking offers! If you are seeking a hotel booking app development like Trivago, this is the prevailing value proposition model in the market provided by renowned companies such as Trivago, HotelTonight, Booking.Com, and others.

Free Stays – This concept entails providing users with the opportunity to stay in one another’s apartments without any charge. offers this feature, and its popularity is evident from the fact that it is used by 12 million travellers worldwide.

Cheap booking options – Some travellers, particularly millennials, are not concerned about their accommodation after a tiring day exploring the city. Hence, budget-friendly accommodations are ideal for them.

An apartment rental or room sharing – Airbnb has successfully implemented a room-sharing business model, leading to its widespread popularity. Additionally, the company places emphasis on short-term apartment rentals, both of which are innovative and highly sought after.

Short Stays – This particular model caters to individuals seeking accommodations for longer durations. provides users with the option to book for a single day at a reduced rate.

Consider The Hotel Data

Data plays a critical role in hotel booking applications, particularly when it comes to providing users with a variety of hotel listings to choose from. Users expect to have multiple options available when booking a hotel through an app, making it imperative to consider the source of this data.

Hotels can enter into agreements with and other hotel aggregators as one method. In this scenario, the aggregators will install their own software at the hotels to keep track of availability and other important factors. By doing so, these major aggregators ensure a continuous influx of fresh booking options. Best freelance software development services in surat.

Admin Panel

It is crucial for every mobile and web application to have efficient management. The admin panel plays a vital role in any hotel booking app, whether it is for chain hotels, aggregators, or OTAs. Without a customised solution that caters to the platform’s specific needs, it would be challenging to handle listings and monitor essential data. To develop a prosperous hotel booking application, one must take into account not only the expenses associated with the user-facing aspect of the product but also the costs related to the infrastructure, including the admin panel and other relevant solutions.

How to Earn Money with a Hotel Booking App?

There are effective monetization strategies that are compatible with hotel booking applications:

Service fee – When you choose hotel booking app development, you can charge a fee for every booking done through your application. For instance, Airbnb charges commissions from the users.

Subscription – You can offer users to purchase a subscription when they want to get access to much more exciting deals and discounts in the future. It is also applicable for premium features.

Advertising – Let the hotels pay for advertising within the platform to be ranked first in the search results through a specific query (e.g. city or region).

The Marketplace – You can charge fees from the hotels that want to be listed on the platform. This can be a subscription or a one-time payment.

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