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As smartphones and faster internet connections become more prevalent, mobile devices are taking on a more significant role in our everyday activities. They facilitate a variety of tasks including grocery shopping, attending online classes, playing games, streaming content on OTT platforms, and managing virtual appointments. Cubes Infotech provide all the type of mobile application development services like social media app development and also web development.

As smartphones increasingly become a fundamental part of our lives, numerous companies are creating mobile apps like On demand home services app development to attract new customers. By utilising social media app development solutions, these businesses aim to craft unique and captivating applications to expand their client base. Furthermore, the evolving nature and usage of mobile apps, driven by changing consumer preferences and demands, continually foster new ideas and trends.

It is expected that the year 2024 will be innovative and trendsetting for the mobile app development industry. Blockchain for payments security, augmented reality for fun lessons, and on-demand for sending drugs home—so much can be done with the help of various innovations in live social media app development!

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Mobile App Development Trends For 2024

This year has brought to light numerous trends in live social media app development. Through comprehensive and evidence-based research, we’ve distilled the most significant 14 trends currently shaping mobile app development.

While 5G technology has been around for some time, it has only recently gained widespread attention. This year, it has become a major focus as tech companies are integrating 5G at a large scale, and the presence of 5G-enabled devices in the marketplace is increasing. Looking ahead, projections indicate that over 660 million smartphones, or about 47.5% of all devices, will have 5G connectivity within the next few years.

How Does The Introduction Of 5g Technology Impact Mobile App Development?

  • The arrival of 5G is set to transform application design and usage significantly, enhancing both efficiency and speed. Here are a few developments to anticipate:
  • 5G is set to revolutionise app development with its 100x speed improvement over 4G.
  • Latency will decrease from fifty milliseconds with 4G to just one millisecond.
  • Video streaming apps will experience substantial enhancements in resolution, delay reduction, and overall performance efficiency.
  • The advancements in 5G will facilitate easier integration of AR and VR technologies in apps, broadening their potential applications.
  • Data transfers between smartphones and devices will become quicker and more seamless.
  • Employing social media app developers who can innovate new features without compromising app performance will be crucial.
  • Mobile payment processes will be expedited and made more secure through faster processing of biometric data for identification.
  • Overall, 5G technology will enhance app fluidity, speed, and productivity, fostering new creative possibilities. The implementation of your app ideas will no longer be confined to mere concepts; with 5G, turning them into reality will be within reach. We look forward to seeing the opportunities 5G introduces.

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Food & Grocery Delivery Apps

During the lockdown, many people turned to apps like Instacart and meal planning services, contributing to their rapid growth as some of the fastest-expanding app categories.

On Demand Food Delivery App Development Company market is anticipated to reach approximately $320 billion by 2029.

Uber Eats is widely recognized as a leading food delivery app, while Delivery Hero boasts the largest customer base.

In the United States, DoorDash dominates the food delivery sector, holding over 50% of the market share.

Projected sales for digital grocery items in the US are expected to reach $59.5 billion by 2023.

Although there might be a slight decline in usage as people resume normal activities, food and grocery apps will remain a vital part of everyday life. Online food ordering and grocery shopping will persist, with these apps used by 15.5 percent of smartphone owners.

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Mobile Entertainment, Gaming & Service

Gaming and entertainment apps are now integral to daily life, with many finding it hard to go a day without them.

The widespread use of these apps on mobile devices is evident, as evidenced by Netflix’s substantial user base, which accounts for roughly 74% of active users in the US and Canada. Furthermore, the number of smartphone users is expected to increase to 162.8 million by 2023. Mobile devices are the preferred platform for nearly 90 percent of US gamers who engage with digital gaming.

What Makes Mobile Entertainment And Gaming Apps So Widely Used?

Mobile entertainment and gaming apps have simplified internet access for entertainment purposes, eliminating the need for costly devices or laptops. Instead, users can enjoy these experiences directly on their smartphones.

These apps allow users the freedom to watch movies or play games anywhere, not just at a fixed location, facilitating entertainment on the move.

Advancements in technologies like AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), and AI (Artificial Intelligence) have significantly enhanced the engagement and interactivity of games and entertainment apps.

Furthermore, during times of widespread isolation, such as the recent pandemic, gaming and live social media apps have provided a valuable outlet for relaxation and entertainment, helping people stay entertained while at home.

Super Apps

For a long time, live social media app development companies have adhered to the “one app, one goal” strategy. Recently, however, there has been a shift toward developing applications that serve multiple purposes.

These multifunctional apps, known as Super Apps, are particularly popular in Asia and are gaining traction in the West. A notable example in the U.S. is Natural AI, which aims to revolutionise how users interact with their phones by enabling them to perform multiple tasks within a single app.

Similarly, platforms like Facebook have evolved beyond their original purpose as social networks, now offering features like marketplaces for buying and selling goods. Amazon has also expanded its services to include bill payments alongside online shopping.

While the adoption of super apps is not yet widespread in the West, where users often explore various options before settling on one, the demand for convenience continues to drive interest. Super apps represent a significant trend in social media app development, pointing to a future where single apps provide comprehensive solutions, a trend expected to continue into 2024.


As we look ahead to 2024, the landscape of live social media app development is ripe with potential, influenced by a range of emerging technologies. The swift adoption of 5G and AI, alongside the growing interest in AR and IoT, highlights the need for skilled social media app developers who are leading the charge in delivering innovative experiences tailored to the evolving demands of global consumers. Mobile app development companies are well-placed to thrive in this dynamic technological environment by embracing these trends and staying updated with the latest advancements.


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